Featured: Cook Inlet

Cook Inlet Geophysical Survey and Analysis

eTrac provided an off-shore hazard survey for a pipeline route in Cook Inlet, Alaska. The work included planning, permitting, survey, data processing, and reporting activities. Multibeam, Subbottom, and sidescan sonar systems were used as well as a magnetometer system. Final products were primarily engineering and construction driven and seafloor information facilitated planning and construction of the pipeline. The off-shore portion of the pipeline is approximately 22 miles long and crossed Cook Inlet from the West Forelands to the East Forelands.

Featured: Richmond Training Wall, Richmond, CA

Richmond Training Wall, Richmond, CA Multibeam and Sidescan Survey Project

eTrac, Inc., in partnership with Towill, Inc. was selected by the San Francisco District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to perform comprehensive mapping of the Richmond Training Wall in Contra Costa County in addition to a Comprehensive Evaluation of Project Datums (CEPD) as part of the USACE’s Coastal Structures Program. This description focuses on mapping of the Richmond Training Wall and the adjacent Brooks Island.

Featured: Transbay Cable Remediation Project

Transbay Cable Remediation Project – Navigation and Positioning Support

eTrac Inc. provided the necessary equipment and software to establish real-time navigation and positioning information for the cable route remediation work in 2013. A derrick barge performed clamshell digging operations, while an additional derrick barge placed protective concrete mats. Each derrick barge was outfitted with positioning equipment to aid in operations and eTrac Inc. provided personnel to oversee and maintain positioning systems during operations.

Featured: St. Paul Alaska

St. Paul Alaska Hydrographic and Topographic Survey and Dredge Positioning Support

eTrac Engineering performed a suite of on-site and remote functions during the 2009-2011 USACE Alaska District Saint Paul Island Harbor Improvement Project. Staff and equipment were provided during more than a one year period to perform topographic and hydrographic surveys for pre, conditional and as-built surveys. More than 100 hydrographic and topographic surveys were performed.

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